Zain Bhikha


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Allah Knows
Track 1 Allah Knows
Track 11 Flowers Are Red
Track 12 My Mum is Amazing
Track 13 Pizza in His Pocket
Track 14 Lay Down Your Head
Track 15 Can't You See
Track 16 Slowly Slow
Track 17 Can't Take it With You
Track 18 Deen-il-Islam
Track 19 A Child's Prayer
Children of Heaven
Track 1 Thank You Allah
Track 2 I Am A Muslim
Track 3 Hush Little Baby
Track 4 Pillars Of Islam
Track 5 A Way Of Life
Track 6 Muslim School Anthem
Track 7 Ya Rabbi
Track 8 We Belong To Allah
Track 9 A Child's Prayer
Track 10 Its Time To Pray
Track 11 Go Forward Young Muslims
Track 12 Although I Never Saw His Face
Track 13 Salaah
Track 14 Lament Of A Mosque
Track 15 Ta'la Al Badru Alayna
Our World
Track 01 Intro by Yusuf Islam
Track 02 Our World
Track 03 Selawat Ft. Qatrunada
Track 04 Orphan Child
Track 05 We Are The Servants Ft Yusuf Islam & Faeeza Malinga
Track 06 Prayers on Ibrahim
Track 07 Spread the Word
Track 08 Demedem Mi Ft Hasan Kilicatan
Track 09 Salamun Salaam Ft Khalid Belrhouzi
Track 10 Months in Islam [children]
Track 11 Allah Hu Allah
Track 12 Time
Track 13 Praise to the Prophet saw

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