The Island

Hazrat Jibraeel related to Rasulullah the incident of a person who lived on an island and worshipped Allah for 500 years. The island was surrounded by salty water, but Allah caused a small spring of sweet water to flow near him from which he drank. Allah also caused a pomegranate tree to grow for him to eat from.

Daily he ate from the tree, drank from the water and made wudu therewith. Allah even accepted his dua to die while prostrating. Hazrat Jibraeel told Rasulullah that whenever they ascended and descended from the heavens they found him in prostration before Allah.

On the Yaumul Qiyama (Day of Judgment) Allah will announce that he should be admitted into Jannah on account of Allah's mercy. He will submit that it will be on account of his worship. Allah will then order that his actions be weighed against Allah's bounties upon him. When this will be done, all 500 hundred years of worship will not even suffice for the power of sight that Allah bestowed him with.

Allah will then instruct the angels to take this person to Jahannam. As they proceed, he will say, "Oh Allah! Enter me into Jannah by your mercy." Allah will then command the angels to bring him back. When they again present him before Allah, Allah will ask him the following questions:

Question: Who created you?

Reply: Oh Allah, you did.

Question: Was this creation due to your actions or due to my mercy.

Reply: Due to your mercy.

Question: Who granted you the guidance and the ability to engage in worship for 500 hundred years?

Reply: Oh Allah, You did.

Question: Who took you to the island in the center of the ocean? Who caused a spring of sweet water to flow amidst the salty water of the ocean? Who caused the pomegranate tree to grow? Who acceded to your request and allowed your soul to leave your body while you were prostrating?

Reply: Oh Allah! You did.

Allah will then tell him, "All of this was on account of My mercy and I shall admit you into Jannah by my mercy as well."

[extracted from Tanbeehul Ghafileen]

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