Shaytaan Deceives

Iblees once came to Hazrat Musa and told him, "you are the chosen messenger of allah and have been blessed with the privilege of speaking directly to Allah. I wish to repent, so please intercede on my behalf before Allah so that he may accept my repentance."

Hazrat Musa was happy and thought that Shaytaan's repentance would put an end to sins. He therefore made wudu, performed salah and prayed to Allah. Allah told Hazrat Musa , "Iblees is lying. He merely wishes to deceive you. If he is really sincere, test him by telling him to prostrate before the grave of Hazrat Adam . If he does this, his repentance will be accepted."

Hazrat Musa was extremely overjoyed, thinking that this was a very easy condition for Iblees to comply with. When Hazrat Musa informed Iblees about the condition, Iblees became a whirlwind of fire and said, "I did not prostrate to him while he was alive, how can I prostrate to him when he is dead? Nevertheless, you have done me a good turn by interceding on my behalf. I shall therefore inform you of 3 conditions wherein you should be wary of me.

1) When man is angry, I run in his veins like his blood.
2) I incline the heart of the person fighting in jihad towards his wife, children and wealth, thereby causing him to desert the battlefield. Shaytaan also attempts to dissuade the student of Deen in this manner. Strengthening one's resolve may combat him.
3) When a strange man and woman are in isolation, I become the emissary between the two and incline each one towards the other. I remain engaged in this task until the two are tainted in sin."

[extracted from Tanbeehul Ghafileen]

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