About the Month of Rajab - "Rajab" is the 7th month in the Islamic Calender. The lexical definition of Rajaba is "to respect", which is where the word Rajab has been deprived from.

Events of Rajab:

1) Rasulullah . ascended to Heaven on the 27th of Rajab.

2) Hadhrat Bilal Ibn Harithaa brought a congregation of four hundred men named Banu Muzeena in the presence of the Rasulullah  ..  They all embraced Islam and became followers of the Rasulullah  . in the year 5 A.H

3) The battle of Tabook took place in the year 9 A.H. This was the last battle which the Rasulullah . participated in.

4) The second Oath of Aqabah took place in Rajab, 12 A.H.

Deaths in Rajab:

1) Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) passed away on the 15th of Rajab 150 A.H.
2) Imam Shafi'ee (R.A) passed away on the 14th Rajab 204 A.H.
3) Imam Muslim (R.A) passed away on the 24th of Rajab 261 A.H.
4) Imam Nawawee (R.A) passed away on the 14th of Rajab 677 A.H.

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