Jamadiul Awwal


About the Month of Jamadiul Awwal :- This month is also called "Jamadiul Oola ." This is the fifth month of the Islamic Calendar.

No Specific occasions or special occurrences is celebrated in this month.

Events of Jamadiul Awwal :-

1) Battle of Moota took place in 8 A.H, A war against infidels in which Rasulullah did not take part in. The battle is named after a famous city in Syria (Moota). Hazrat Zaid ibn Haritha was first appointed General by Rasulullah ..

2) In the same battle, Hazrat Khalid ibn Waleed. (fourth general of the battle) was proclaimed by Rasulullah . as being "one of the swords of Allah."

Matrimonies in this month :-

Rasulullah . married his first beloved wife, Khadija ., 15 years prior to his Nabuwat.

Deaths in this month :-

1) Zaid ibn Haritha , Ja'far ibn Abi Talib ., Abdullah ibn Rawaha ., all met martyrdom in 8 A.H.

2) Abdullah ibn Uthman . passed away in this month.

3) Rasulullah's .grandfather, Abdul Muttalib passed away 32 years prior to his Nabuwat.

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